How to buy a property in Spain

How to buy a property in Spain

Documents that are needed to buy a property in Spain are:
  - N.I.E number - identification number of the foreigner, which I help to obtain on the spot, or you will obtain it at the Spanish embassy.
- ID or passport
- an account in a Spanish bank - to buy a property you need to open an account in a bank in Spain, and I also help in this process.

Documents needed to take a loan in Spain.
• bank certificate  - bank opinion (translated into Spanish);
• list of income obtained for the previous year or for the current year, PIT
•    statement of earnings
• photocopy of passport, ID card
• extract from BiK;
• N.I.E. number
For Polish citizens working or operating in England, Ireland:
• account statement for the last 3 months;
• Payslips from the last 3 payouts;
• Tax Return or P60;
• N.I.E number;
• Credit Report - Equifax or Experian (GB) or ICB (Ireland).

About 40% the price of the property is needed to get a loan, 40% for people from England.

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